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Welcome to the Culture and Intensive English Program!


The Culture and Intensive English Program (CIEP) at the University of Northern Iowa offers intensive academic English language instruction and a cultural and social introduction to the United States. The CIEP sessions begin in August, October, January, March, and June. Each session provides 20 classroom hours per week of English language study and cultural orientation. In addition, CIEP students participate in integrated skill courses throughout 5 different levels. 

Class sizes are typically limited to 16 students, so students can easily establish meaningful connections with their instructors and peers. Extracurricular activities include conversation hours with local students, host family visits, excursions to nearby cities, and much more. At CIEP, English language learners improve their academic English skills while also experiencing American culture firsthand.

UNI CIEP is a CEA-accredited program


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Current | Fall 2023 | Session 2

 Oct. 18 - Dec. 15, 2023


Spring 2024 | Session 1 | Jan. 16 - March 10

Arrival Date | Jan. 6

Orientation/Placement Exam | Jan. 9

Schedule Pick-up | Jan. 12

Spring 2024 | Session 2 | March 20 - May 10

Arrival Date | March 16

Orientation/Placement Exam | March 18

Schedule Pick-up | March 20


For additional information about our newest program updates or to answer questions, please email or call us at (319) 273-2182.





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