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Welcome to the Culture and Intensive English Program!


The Culture and Intensive English Program (CIEP) at the University of Northern Iowa offers intensive academic English language instruction and a cultural and social introduction to the United States. The CIEP sessions begin in August, October, January, March, and June. Each session provides 20 classroom hours per week of English language study and cultural orientation. CIEP students participate in listening, speaking, reading and writing classes in order to practice English in a variety of situations and environments. Class sizes are typically limited to 16 students, so students can easily establish meaningful connections with their instructors and peers. Extracurricular activities include conversation hours with local students, host family visits, excursions to nearby cities, and much more. At CIEP, English language learners improve their academic English skills while also experiencing American culture firsthand.

UNI CIEP is a CEA-accredited program

Updates Regarding COVID-19


The University of Northern Iowa and the CIEP are working to keep the health and safety of our students, staff and faculty at the forefront of our efforts. The CIEP continues to offer both in-person and online courses at this time. We have taken numerous precautions to ensure the well-being of our Panther family. Please visit the following site for up-to-date information on the University's policies regarding COVID-19 and the transition to in-person classes:

Please see below the new dates for our Spring 1 Session. Please visit our Fees page for more information about scholarship opportunities for these different types of courses.

Spring 1 2022: January 19th - March 11th

Arrival Date: January 6th-10th

Check in with the CIEP: January 12th (12pm-1pm) 

Placement Exam: January 12th (1pm-4pm)

Orientation: January 13th

Classes Begin: January 19th

For additional information about our newest program updates or to answer questions, please email or call us at (319) 273-2182.


For International Travelers:

UNI follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations related to COVID-19 for international travel.

All international travelers are required to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test result in order to board their flight to the U.S. Please arrange to be tested for COVID-19 within 3 days of your flight to the U.S. After arriving to the U.S., travelers will need to be tested for COVID-19 a SECOND time once they have been in the U.S. for 3-5 days. Students will then be expected to quarantine for 7-10 days based on their second test result. If a student decides not to be tested a second time after arriving to the U.S., the student will be asked to quarantine for 10 days.

UNI requires all students coming from abroad to follow these guidelines. Students may be tested at the UNI Student Health Center after arriving to the U.S. Depending on their COVID-19 test results, students are required to quarantine for 7 days if they test negative or 10 days if there is no test. Depending on your COVID-19 test results, you will quarantine for 7 or 10 days when you arrive at UNI. You will not be able to attend face-to-face classes during that time. That would not be a problem because we will inform your professors that you are in quarantine. Then, professors will work with you so you do not miss any class and materials!


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