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UNI CIEP English Assessment Exam (EAE)

UNI CIEP English Assessment Exam (EAE):

What is it?

The UNI CIEP EAE is an online English Proficiency Exam that may be used to place students in CIEP classes or as an indication of English proficiency for conditional admission to the University of Northern Iowa. It is administered over the virtual video platform Zoom and proctored by CIEP instructors. If you are interested in taking the UNI CIEP EAE, contact the CIEP office for more information about the next available test date. 

Student Resources & Practice Tests 

For additional exam expectations, resources and practice tests to prepare for the EAE, see our Resources & Practice Tests Webpage

What to Expect on Test Day

Would you like to read a description of test day procedures? See our Test Day Webpage for a step by step description of each part of the testing process. 

Register for the Exam

To register for the exam, please note the following:

Please submit all of the necessary information listed above at least two (2) weeks prior to when you would like to take the test



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