Culture and Intensive English Program

UNI CIEP Customized Programs

About Immersion Programs

UNI CIEP customized programs facilitate cross-cultural understanding and enrichment by providing a unique opportunity for: cultural immersion, intensive language study, exposure to academic classroom settings, travel excursions, recreational adventure, personal growth and building life-long friendships. These English language courses focus on conversation and speaking skills as well as customized opportunities for cultural education.

  • Customized training programs for groups of 10-30 international students, scholars, and professionals
  • Programs are tailored based on specific
    needs and goals of the participants.
  • Provides the opportunity to study in an accredited intensive English program while also receiving specialized curriculum and lectures
  • Programs can be developed with a focus on business English, STEM, health education, multiculturalism, pedagogy, U.S. American culture, and more.
  • Programs can vary in length and are typically 3-6 weeks.

In order to be admitted to a UNI CIEP customized program, you must meet all requirements to be accepted into the UNI CIEP and must be affiliated with the institution for which the special program was developed.   If special programs include individuals who are under 18 years of age, special minor guidelines must be followed. Click here to view the Minor Guidelines.  If you are interested in a customized special program for your group, please contact

Program Orientation

The UNI Culture and Intensive English Program offers an orientation program for each special program group. The orientation will provide information about the campus, housing and dining arrangements, an introduction to university life, UNI CIEP policies and program procedures as well as an academic culture session.   


Click here to view the Academic culture session presentation. 

Special Program Focuses

Business English

  • Learn business vocabulary in your specific field
  • Explore business processes in the United States
  • Visit local and international companies
  • Discuss business ethics in the United States

Education & Pedagogy

  • Visit local U.S. American schools and observe classes
  • Attend specialized lectures or workshops relating to trends in the field
  • Meet U.S. American teachers and educational professionals
  • Learn education and pedagogy methods and vocabulary


  • Visit local schools with diverse populations
  • Attend lectures from intercultural communication scholars
  • Meet with multicultural interest groups in the cedar Valley 
  • Participate in CIEP activities and events
  • Discuss challenges and best practices for working with diverse populations

Public Health

  • Meet health professionals in the Cedar Valley 
  • Explore topics related to public health in the U.S.
  • Attend specialized lectures or workshops
  • Visit local healthcare facilities



  • Learn about STEM fields
  • Meet STEM professionals in the Cedar Valley
  • Discuss national and international trends in STEM

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

  • Attend specialized lectures from UNI TESOL faculty
  • Observe ESL classrooms at elementary, high school, and/or college levels
  • Participate in the Conversation Partner Program
  • Learn skills for teaching English to nonnative speakers
  • Meet with TESOL students at UNI

U.S. American Culture

  • Explore U.S. customs, holidays, and cultures
  • Participate in the Conversation Partner Program and meet U.S. American students
  • Spend a weekend with a local American family
  • Attend U.S. cultural events or activities
  • Learn new vocabulary and practice conversational English

Have an idea that is not listed above? Contact us today to design your dream curriculum!