Culture and Intensive English Program

Staff Handbook

The UNI Culture and Intensive English Program Staff handbook includes detailed information about the UNI CIEP's policies and services as well as helpful tools for staff members. View the 2018-2019 Staff Handbook in full-screen here or view in PDF format. 


Appendix Description/subject
A-1 International Student Health Insurance Waiver
A-2 Requests & Concerns Form
A-3 Student Grievance Form
A-4 Student Advising Form
B-1 Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator Job Description
B-2 Academic Support Specialist Job Description
B-3 Academic Support Assistant Job Description
B-4 Program Assistant Job Description
B-5 Director Job Description
B-6 Academic Assessment Specialist Job Description
B-7 Promotions & Admissions Specialist Job Description
B-8 Student Services Coordinator Job Description
B-10 Self-Appraisal Form
B-11 P&S Performance Appraisal
B-12 Letter of Intention for Class Observation
B-13 Background Information for Observation
B-14 Suggestions for Presenting Useful Feedback after In-class observations
B-15 Teacher Observation Form
B-16 Post Observation Teacher Followup Plan
B-17 Instructor-Class Evaluation Form
B-18 Instructor-Class Evaluation Item Analysis Sheet
B-20 Staff (Teacher) Feedback Form
B-21 Vacation Request-Sick Leave Report
B-22 Secretary Job Description
B-23 Merit Two-week Discussion Guide
B-24 Merit Three Month Evaluation
B-25 Merit Six Month Evaluation
B-26 Merit Annual Performance Appraisal
B-27 New Employee Checklist
B-28 Supervisor Checklist
B-29 Emergency Procedures Reference Guide
B-30 P&S Grievance Form
B-31 Merit Grievance Form
B-32 Checklist for Employees Leaving UNI
B-33 UNI CIEP Student Employee Performance Appraisal
B-34 UNI CIEP Student Employee Code of Conduct
B-35 UNI CIEP Student Employee Self Appraisal
B-36 UNI CIEP Travel Guidelines Checklist
B-37 Travel Authorization Form
C-1 UNI CIEP Floor Plan
C-2 UNI Instructional Computer Labs
C-3 Bridge Letter
D-1 TESOL Observation Sign up Sheet
E-1 Practicum Student Evaluation
E-2 CIEP Textbook Selection & Evaluation Form
E-3 CIEP Proficiency Scale and Descriptors
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