Culture and Intensive English Program

Process of Admission



1. Apply to the University of Northern Iowa by submitting:
  • International Application for Admission
  • Current Academic Records
    • Transcripts in native language and English translation showing courses and grades
  • Undergraduate international students who are not native speakers of English must provide evidence of English language proficiency: 
    • Students will have to show proof of one of the following test scores to take part in the Online English Entrance Program:
      • IELTS - 5.0
      • TOEFL IBT - 62
      • CET Band 4 - 425 score or above (The CET-4 is mandatory for university students in China who are not English majors. It is also a prerequisite for a bachelor's degree*.)
      • CIEP English Assessment Examination (EAE) - Intermediate level (4 or 5) or above
December 1, 2020
2. Receive Conditional Admission to the University of Northern Iowa
February 2, 2021
3. Notify the CIEP of your interest in the Online Entrance English Program by completing the CIEP Interest Form at: mcZ4gW6hRqZaJyLkONoLwtXfPjRtwAnHzzOMCw fy2Iw/viewform

Or, by completing and submitting the CIEP Information Survey PDF

Upon receiving your request, CIEP will send you a confirmation and registration letter with the CIEP orientation schedule

February 8, 2021
4. Attend CIEP Orientation and take the CIEP English Assessment Examination
February 22 - 24, 2021
5. Enroll in the 10-week Online Entrance English Program
  • Obtain a final grade of 70% or above in Reading and Writing Course
  • Obtain a final grade of 70% or above in Listening and Speaking Course


March 1 - May 14, 2021
6. Take the final exams and pass with a score of 70% or above in both
May 13 -  May 14, 2021
7. Start academic classes at UNI
August 2021 - Fall semester


Download the following form and email it to to confirm your interest in the program after receiving Conditional Admission to UNI: UNI CIEP Online English Entrance Program Information Survey

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