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Description of the Test Day

Description of the Test Day


We will use the website You will receive a code to enter the EAE. We will send you the code 5 minutes before the test. We will be using the Easy Test Maker website for Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each of these parts lasts 30 minutes. We will use Zoom for the interview in Part 5. The interview is 10 minutes. The whole test will take approximately 2.5 hours. Please note that this test is completely FREE; therefore, students will not be charged for any exam materials or scores. 

Part 1 is a grammar test:  You will complete 20 multiple-choice questions. These might include grammar such as: present perfect, modals, -ly adverbs, future, gerunds and infinitives, direct (quoted) and indirect (reported) speech, passive voice, noun clauses, adjective clauses, adverbial and adjective phrases, and unreal conditionals.

Part 2 is a reading test: You will have one passage to read about a general interest topic. It will be 3-4 paragraphs. Then, you will answer 10 multiple-choice questions about the article. These questions might include basic comprehension, causes and effects, main ideas and theses, inferences, and other critical thinking skills. 

Part 3 is a reading and writing test: You will receive 3-4 writing prompts. You will look at the same reading passage from Part 2 and write answers to questions about the passage. These questions will require paraphrasing and summarizing skills. 

Part 4 is an essay: You will receive a prompt related to the passage from Part2. You should write an essay (similar to TOEFL or IELTS). We expect clear organization around an idea, a thesis statement, 4-5 paragraphs with an introduction, body, and conclusion, transitions, and a variety of correct grammatical structures. 

Part 5 is an interview: You will complete a video conference on Zoom. During the video conference, you will talk with 2 interviewers - these will be 2 CIEP teachers. They will ask you general questions about yourself, your major, your interests, and more. You should answer with full sentences or paragraphs (in other words, you should talk a lot!). 

Students will receive full admission to academic classes if they place in Level 6 or higher. Students who place lower than Level 6 will be conditionally admitted and enrolled in the CIEP.

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