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Want to Volunteer with the UNI CIEP?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the UNI CIEP! We are always appreciative to have volunteers throughout numerous aspects of our program. 


Why Volunteer with the CIEP?

The UNI CIEP serves English learners from a variety of backgrounds. International students, Cedar Valley residents, and online students join us each session to strengthen their academic English for educational or professional purposes. Our volunteers may interact with students in the classroom, during CIEP activities, or one-on-one. Volunteering with the CIEP is a great way for UNI students to strengthen their cultural competency and teamwork as they work closely with students with whom they may exchange experiences. Additionally, volunteering with the CIEP is a great opportunitity for TESOL Education students to work with emergent bilingual students at the collegiate level in addition to their level work for their teaching licensure.  



See below for details about each of our Volunteer positions. If you are interested in volunteering with the CIEP, please complete the CIEP Volunteer Questionnaire. Note: these positions are as needed; for more information on which positions are currently available, please contact the CIEP office or keep an eye out for one-time volunteer opportunities. 

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Phone: (319) 273-2182


Conversation Partner

Conversation Partners are asked to meet with their assigned CIEP student(s) at least once a week for one hour to practice Listening/Speaking skills with the student. Volunteers may also be asked to clarify English items regarding homework or conversation in addition to providing cultural insight to US American culture. 

Time Commitment: 1-3 hours/week (as decided between partners); 1 full semester


Conversation Hour Volunteer

Conversation Hour Volunteers are asked to help facilitate discussion among CIEP students and volunteers during our weekly Conversation Hours. Conversation Hour takes place once a week for one hour and may take place virtually over Zoom. Volunteers and students are given access to a prompt document with questions regarding the topic for the week; volunteers are expected to provide appropriate English input and explanation for CIEP students with respect to their current English proficiency 

Time Commitment: 1 hour/week; ½ semester 


Class Exchange Volunteer

Class Exchange Volunteers are called upon sporadically throughout the semester to assist in courses (online or in-person) that are co-taught by UNI and CIEP faculty. Class Exchange Volunteers may be asked to lead activities, facilitate discussion, or provide insight to US American culture. 

Time Commitment: 1 hour/week (as needed); ½ semester


Classroom Volunteer

CIEP Classroom Volunteers are asked to assist with activities, homework comprehension, and mini-lessons as needed. Volunteers attend CIEP classes two or three hours per week in order to provide support to the CIEP instructors, particularly within combined-level classes. Volunteers serve as resources for the CIEP students and assistants to the instructors. 

Time Commitment: 2-5 hours/week (as dictated by student availability and instructor preference); ½ semester 


Join our On-Call Volunteer List

The CIEP runs a number of immersion and class exchange programs that operate throughout the semester at times different from our usual classes and activities. Often, we are looking for volunteers for a one-time event or a commitment of a few weeks throughout our sessions to help with these programs. Joining our on-call list means that you would receive emails about these opportunities and could opt to participate if they work in your schedule. 

Time Commitment: Varies; 1 full semester


Volunteering for Credit

While a number of our volunteers do so for experience, students studying within the Languages & Literatures Department may receive credit (per class participation) for their volunteer work with the CIEP. Students should check with their professor to ensure that they are offering credit for volunteer work if the student is interested in such an arrangement. Additionally, we ask that students who have indicated interest in receiving credit for their volunteer work review the Guidelines for Volunteering for Credit. If these guidelines are not followed during one's time with the CIEP, we cannot guarantee that the student will receive an evaluation for credit upon completion of their volunteer hours. 



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