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CIEP Residents

Waterloo/Cedar Falls Residents

Residents of the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area who would like to improve their English skills are welcome to apply at UNI CIEP!

Residents receive a 50% scholarship for CIEP tuition, and will pay for a reduced application fee of $25. Residents of the area can enroll in one, two, or all three of the class sessions that CIEP offers per session (Reading, Writing & Grammar, Listening & Speaking). 


**The application fee will be changing to $75 in the Fall 1 session of 2021

Resident tuition for each CIEP class (8-week session):

  • Reading (M-F 9 - 9:50 AM): $331.25
  • Writing & Grammar (M-F 10 - 11:50 AM): $662.50
  • Listening & Speaking (M-F 1 - 1:50 PM): $331.25


Additional University Mandatory Fees:

All UNI students are responsible for paying university fees in addition to tuition which grant access to UNI campus services. Students taken CIEP classes will also be charged the fees listed below for each 8-week session. 

  • 1 Hour Daily: $163.25
  • 2-3 Hours Daily: $210.25
  • 4 Hours Daily: 258.25


Access to Campus Resources:

Individuals enrolled in CIEP classes have access to campus resources such as:

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