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CIEP Online Program

In addition to our hybrid In-Person courses, the CIEP is currently offering an Online Program of study as a result of COVID-19. Our online classes are synchronous and offered between 8:00am and 12:00pm CDT using the virtual video platform Zoom. CIEP Online courses follow the same dates of study as In-Person courses. See our upcoming dates of study using this link: CIEP Session Dates



All online students receive a 50% Tuition Scholarship. Online tuition costs for one 8-week session are as follows:

Course Name Hours per Week Tuition Cost

Tuition Cost

(with 50% Tuition Scholarship)

Reading 5 $662.50 $331.25
Listening/Speaking 5 $662.50 $331.25
Writing/Grammar 10 $1,325.00 $662.50
Full-Time Enrollment (all 3 subjects) 20 $2,650.00 $1,325.00



Typical fees for one 8-week CIEP Online session are as follows:

Fee Name Cost
CIEP Application Fee $50.00**
Technology Fee $258.25*
Books & Supplies $50.00*

* indicates that this fee is subject to minor changes

** indicates a one-time fee; students do not need to pay this fee every session

Visit our Fees page for details about what each fee covers and when they are paid: CIEP Fees


Benefits of Studying Online

The online program allows for a flexible course load. Classes will meet via the virtual video conference platform Zoom at the same time each day. However, since students will be studying from their homes, students will not have to take all three classes to maintain their Visa status here. They can take one, two, or all three of our classes based on their preference. Instructors will still be available for office hours and virtual assistance, similar to on-campus classes. Students will receive feedback from instructors regarding their learning, assignments, and exams during these virtual class times or via virtual office hours. Our online classes are more beneficial than other online programs because they are synchronous and interactive; students will receive live constructive and informative feedback from our staff who have been trained to deliver online instruction.


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