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Chinese Recruitment Pilot Program

UNI CIEP partnership with Chinese institutions

UNI CIEP now offers a unique program in partnership with Chinese universities to combine CIEP and academic coursework. The program occurs in three phases. First, Chinese students will apply for conditional admission to UNI. After being admitted, they will participate in a 10-week ESL program on a university campus in China. The curriculum consists of two courses: Listening/Speaking and Reading/Writing. The first 5 weeks of the program are taught by UNI CIEP instructors; the last 5 weeks are taught by local instructors.  After passing this course, students will have the opportunity to enroll as full-time academic students at UNI. Throughout their studies, these students will continue to be supported by CIEP programs, such as international sections of required English and Communications courses. This intensive program will help Chinese students transition academically and culturally to life at UNI.

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