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You can apply to the CIEP with a paper application OR an online application. Please choose one below:


Paper Application

Download a paper application for International Students or a paper application for Resident Students and email, turn it in, or mail it to the CIEP office

CIEP Address:

UNI Culture & Intensive English Program

1200 West 23rd Street Bartlett 3025

University of Northern Iowa

Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0511


Online Application

Apply online through our website

Questions about our online application system? Download our Guide to Applying Online

See our Guides to Completing Online Applications for details about what information we need you to include on your application. You only need to complete the items with a green check mark. 


The UNI CIEP is offering two types of courses: Online and In-Person.

See below for required application materials for each course type or click on the picture for more information about each course type.  


online learning

Required Application Material for Online Classes:

In order to process an application for our Online program, the following items must be submitted:

  • Completed application form 
  • Copy of passport
  • Payment of $50.00 (application fee)*

in-person learning

Required Application Material for In-Person Classes:

In order to process an application for our In-Person program, the following items must be submitted:

  • Completed application form 
  • Copy of passport
  • Financial Guarantee
  • Payment of $75.00 (application fee)*

Additional Information


UNI CIEP Application Fee*:

The application fee includes all costs related to application processing, mailing (when applicable) and placement testing. The fee can be paid with cash, check, credit card, money order, or wire transfer. See a guide to paying the application fee online. The application fee is nonrefundable.

Next Steps:

Once we receive the required documents along with the application fee, your application will be reviewed. If your application is approved, we will request that UNI International Admissions create your I-20. Please allow 1-2 weeks for this process. After we receive your I-20 from UNI International Admissions, we will send you an admission letter, your I-20, housing contract information, and health forms to be completed. 

Deferral Information:

If, for any reason, a student cannot attend the session he or she applied for, the student may request the application to be deferred to a later session. The deferral fee is $50.00.  This fee includes all expenses related to deferring the student's admission, processing the application, and express shipping (when applicable) of the new admission materials.

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