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Admission to UNI


Pathway to UNI


Interested in studying at the University of Northern Iowa but need to improve your English proficiency?

We can help! See our steps to take below:


  1. Apply to UNI and receive Conditional Admission (must meet all admission requirements other than English proficiency)

  2. Take the CIEP placement test and receive your level of English proficiency

  3. Study with the CIEP for up to six 8-week sessions* to meet your English requirement

    • *if you test into one of our higher levels, you may only need to take CIEP courses for 1-2 sessions before beginning Academic Courses!

    • Students must pass all CIEP courses with a grade of 73% or higher on a scale of 100%

  4. Begin Academic Courses for your major!

For Graduate Students:

Graduate students who are provisionally admitted with language requirements must complete their provision within their first year of study, either through taking CIEP classes or by achieving a passing TOEFL  or IETLS score prior to the start of graduate coursework. If a student decides to take the CIEP course to fulfill the English language requirement, please request to take the CIEP English Assessment Test at

A graduate student who is unable to complete TOEFL/IELTS due to COVID-19 restrictions will be given the option of taking the CIEP English Assessment Test or the Duolingo English Exam. For students who place into the CIEP level 4 or 5, or score 80-100 on the Duolingo exam, will be eligible for regular admission with provisions pending departmental and Graduate College approval. 

The CIEP English Assessment Test or Placement Exam is offered in person or online.

The CIEP also offers partial scholarships for admitted graduate students - please contact the CIEP office for information if this is something you would like to pursue!
Please contact the Graduate College or International Admissions office at UNI for more information if you have questions.  



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