Culture and Intensive English Program

Admission Requirements

All applications for admission into the UNI Culture and Intensive English Program must be completed and returned to the CIEP at least 2 months prior to the starting date of classes.  

To be eligible for the UNI Culture and Intensive English Program, students must:

New UNI CIEP students are expected to have the following abilities prior to beginning their first session; if students do not have the skills to perform the following, it may not be possible to enroll in UNI CIEP courses:

  • Fluently read and write in a first or native language.
  • Understand 1 to 2 sentences in speaking.
    • For example, I can order food and coffee at a café, or I can ask for things at a grocery store, such as the conversation below:
      • At a café:                
        • A: Hi, can I order two cups of coffee? With some sugar, please?
        • B: Sure. Do you want milk in your coffee?
        • A:Yes, milk. And can I have a chocolate cookie?
        • B: Yes. Your total is $9.15. Do you want to pay with cash or card?
        • A: Cash. Here’s $10.
  • Read and understand 1 to 3 paragraphs in English with present, past, and future verbs.
    • Here is an example:
      • The first modern form of public transportation was the electric streetcar. These streetcars operated along rails in the street. They were the major form of public transportation for many years. Public buses also became more available, but with a car, people could go anywhere they wanted. They could come and go at any time. They did not have to wait for a streetcar, a train, or a bus. Everyone wanted a car. However, they were very expensive. 
      • Now, public transportation is common all over the world. Almost all countries have buses, trains, and subways. For example, Moscow and Tokyo have very large systems. In recent years, China also expanded its use of subways. Now, four of the twelve largest subway systems are in China. In the future, super-fast trains will be available. A trip that is 2 hours now will be only 45 minutes.
  • Write 4 to 8 sentences about a topic. I can write with and, but and or in sentences.
    • Here is an example:
      • Many people work in the center of Sao Paulo, Brazil, but they do not live there. They live in suburbs outside the city. In suburbs, the houses are cheaper. Every day, people travel into the city, and there is a lot of traffic. City leaders are trying to find a solution to the problem. They are building better subways and trains. Also, they want to build cheaper houses in the downtown area. Leaders are making some changes.
  • Write sentences with be (is, am, are) and have and has. I can write questions with who, what, when, where, why and how.
    • Here are some sentences with be.
      • The dress is red.
      • I am twenty years old.
      • The women are in my family.
    • Here are some sentences with have and has.
      • I have a brother and two sisters.
      • My brother has two sons.
    • Here are some examples of questions:
      • Where is your school?
      • What is your address?
  • Write with simple past of be (was, were) and regular verbs (-ed).
    • Here are some examples:
      • I finished school last month.
      • I studied English for five years.
      • School was not difficult for me.
      • I completed all my classes.
      • They were very easy.

To be admitted to the UNI Culture and Intensive English Program, students must submit:

  • Completed application form
  • Financial Guarantee (Click here for a list of acceptable financial guarantee types)
  • $75 application fee in the form of a check, credit card, or money order
  • Copy of passport

Conditional Admission to the University of Northern Iowa:  Please note that admission into the UNI Culture and Intensive English Program does not constitute admission into any other academic program at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). If you are interested in receiving conditional admission to UNI, please visit:

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